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Di Is Delicious Dee Ann Larsen

Di Is Delicious

Dee Ann Larsen

Published July 17th 2014
ISBN : 9781500538927
156 pages
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 About the Book 

Di is Delicious! You can search far and wide, and you will never find anyone more delicious than Di! Di is a wonderful person. She is loving, and kind, friendly, and cheerful. Di is an all-around great person!If you need to know more about what a great and wonderful person Di is, just open this book for all the proof you need. The people who know and love Di the most have written about her so you can know what a marvelous person she is!Oh, you already know about Di and how Delicious she is? Great! You need to open this book to a blank page and write a few words or draw a picture about Di. Di is Delicious!